Certificate IV in Training and Assessment

Certificate iv in training and assessment


How can we deliver the Certificate IV in Training and Assessment course via online education?"

I thought, when I was first asked to conduct the Certificate IV in Training and Assessment via distance education. "How will I interact

with my students? How will I offer them the support they might need?"

Over the many years that we have been delivering this program by distance education, I now know that it is possible. Not only, I know

that what we offer our students is of the highest quality in terms of learning materials and support.

In fact, I believe that the results my students achieve are as good as, if not better, than how they would do in a classroom


Certificate iv in training and assessment  - Interaction

So, how do I interact with my students?

It all begins once they submit their on-line enrolment form. I call them and speak with them about the requirements of completing of

Certificate IV in Training and Assessment via distance.

I want them to know that they will be working with real tutors who are interested in their learning needs. We want to know find out

about these needs right from the start!

By Sharon Flinders
BA (Dip. Ed.)
  We also talk about payment plans that can be tailored to meet their financial needs as well.

I explain that I am always available to support them whether it be by email, phone call or via our Support Network site.

Once students embark on studying each of the units of the Certificate IV in Training and Assessment, we monitor their progress and

provide them with individualised, thorough and positive feedback on each submission.

I often meet with students in the chat room of our Support Network site. Here is where I can have that same interaction with them, as

if we are in a classroom. I am able to give them immediate answers to all their questions.

I also enjoy "meeting" with my overseas students on Skype!

Certificate IV in Training and Assessment -  Support

How do I support my students?

We provide students with the most up-to-date learning materials. They access these on our e-learning site along with on-line

activities and assessment tasks. It is here that the theory is brought to life for them with video clips and audio files.

Our Support Network site is where students go to receive any additional help they may need with assessment tasks.

Our team of tutors answer questions they post and will also meet with them in the chat room to provide additional support if needed.

This site is growing rapidly as we have gathered a host of learning materials; videos, quotes and links to additional information that

are uploaded regularly.

I also enjoy ongoing phone calls with my students as they progress through the course.

We have a monthly email newsletter that goes out to each student to keep them motivated and engaged in the learning process.

These are an enjoyable "read" and many students write back to say how much they enjoyed the humour in it.

Delivering the Certificate IV in Training and Assessment via distance education is the most rewarding method of training I have


My students will often write, long after they have completed the course to let me know how well they are doing in their training roles.

Some have even told me of how they were chosen to update learning and assessment practices in their workplace because they had

more knowledge than the other trainers!

Recently I am helping all my students
upgrade their TAA to the TAE40110.   This is also a wonderful task because many of them are

returning to us as senior training managers and other responsible and well

paid jobs.  Hearing the success stories of students is the greatest reward for any trainer or teacher.

So, this is how we deliver the course via distance education; I enjoy it immensely and, from their feedback, I know our students

enjoy the learning experience also!


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Certificate IV in Training and Assessment